What’s in a Name

Our business is sustainable eco-friendly and ethical so our name should reflect this, We needed a name  that we all liked, something. appropriate effective and suitable.

So we did a bit of research

About 50 million years ago the Green River Basin area in Sweetwater Wyoming  was surrounded by a body of water called lake Gosiute. Over time the lake evaporated and left behind the world’s largest known bed of naturally occurring trona.

With an estimated 130 billion tons of mineable trona the Green River Area has enough soda ash to supply the world for hundreds of years to come.

Today the deposits from the trona beds are mined and processed into sodium carbonate.

Baking soda is a by-product of soda ash and as baking soda is one of our core ingredients  We had our name.


Email info@greenmop.org.uk

Tel 07990830859


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