Our Products – Little Green Bottles

All our products are handmade to the highest quality. We use only 100% organic non toxic and biodegradable ingredients .They are packaged with recyclable a reusable materials..

  • Bottle 1   General Purpose Cleaner
  • Bottle 2   Kitchen  Cleaner
  • Bottle 3.  Bathroom Cleaner
  • Bottle 4.  Glass Cleaner
  • Bottle 5.  Linen Water
  • Bottle 6.  Pet Spray

Baking Soda

Baking Soda used in powder form as an abrasive deodorizer and whitener.It has a very high alkaline Ph.  It is also considered as a bio pesticide.

White Vinegar

White vinegar with a Ph of 2.0 and acetic acid content  is a perfect disinfectant

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach and is known to be the world’s safest sanitizer.It eliminates disease organisms by oxidation . It is both antiseptic and disinfectant.


Lemon juice is used as an antibacterial cleaner

 Liquid Vegetable Soap

Liquid soaps made from vegetable oils such as olive, hemp,palm and coconut gentle lather free cleaners.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is used as a furniture and metal polish.

Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils are the concentrated essence of plant materials,  they are exclusively made from botanical matter.  Essential oils are normally extracted through a single distillation using steam  with the exception of Ylang Ylang,taking 22 hours through a fractional distillation.The steam containing  the essence  is cooled ,the oil is then separated from the water and filtered.

We use essential oils in our household cleaning  recipes we believe when used properly and safely they reduce the effects on the environment and heath risks associated with commercial products.

We also use essential oils in our pet care

In addition to these we all use available vegan products displaying the leaping bunny logo .

Email info@greenmop.org.uk

Tel 07990830859


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