“I love the fact  I am doing something to help the environment. I feel that my family will be healthier by keeping them away from harsh cleaning products that many of the other cleaning companies use “.

Jean Carney Co Durham.

“I contacted littlegreenriver cleaning because of their environmentally friendly approach to housecleaning. I’ve had their services now for 3 years they do a great job”.

Mrs Smith Seaham 

Littlegreenriver Cleaning   is a brilliant service. They are always friendly, efficient, and thorough and leave my house sparkly clean.

Richard Kipling Co Durham

Littlegreenriver cleaning company provides efficient, reliable, housecleaning services you can both afford and feel good about. My home is consistently cleaner.I can highly recommended them”.

Victoria Jarvis Co Durham

“Fantastic – they are wonderful and use non-toxic products that the fact they are local is great.

“This is a very professional company. They were able to accommodate the dates/times that I need,
provide a check sheet every week of what was done and will do extras if I ask. Always on time! The
cleaning is thorough and green products smell lovely

SHeena Jogeson Chester le Street


“Fantastic – they are wonderful and use non-toxic products .the fact they are local is great.l

Mrs Wright Co Durham

Our Customers

Many of our clients have been with us for years. We love sharing our services with new clients and building new relationships.The greatest compliment you can give  is a referral


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